Investment Funds

DRA conducts its investment activities through its series of commingled funds. These funds and their co-investment vehicles total over $8 billion in commited equity. DRA's clients are public and private pension funds, university endowments, foundations, financial institutions and high net individuals.

For over 30 years, DRA has executed a focused, value-added investment strategy on behalf of its clients. We believe that DRA has demonstrated a consistent track record over multiple market cycles due to an exhaustive focus on operating properties optimally and constantly adapting business plans to changing market conditions. This proactive and flexible asset management style facilitates risk management and enables DRA to take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise.

DRA's funds are designed to be diversified across the major property types and locations to limit risk, since real estate markets and investment opportunities are constantly evolving. The balanced nature of DRA's acquisitions since inception are shown on the charts below.

Portfolio Diversification:

Geography pie chart Property Type pie chart
- As of 9/30/2017