About Us: Competitive Advantages

Cohesive, experienced team:

The firm's fifteen partners average over 25 years working in real estate and over 20 years tenure with DRA, and together, they have executed our value-added strategy for over 30 years.

Independent thinking:

DRA works to create a challenging and invigorating environment for our professionals, without bureaucratic interference. We encourage independence of thought, active questioning and a critical attitude. At DRA there is a natural suspicion of conventional wisdom that is reflected in our pioneering of innovative strategies.

Alignment of interests:

We recognize the importance of aligning the firm's interests with those of our clients. As founders and owners of the company, DRA's partners have dedicated their careers to investing on behalf of our clients. Furthermore, the partners invest personal capital in our funds and share the firm's incentive compensation with key professionals across the organization.

Strong deal flow:

Through their extensive real estate experience, DRA's professionals have developed far-reaching networks of contacts and sources of investment opportunities. We believe these relationships enable DRA to source acquisitions "off-market" or with limited competition, providing the best chance to achieve attractive pricing. DRA's reputation as a reliable buyer who can perform in short time-frame further enhances our ability to source high quality investments for our funds.

Value-added strategies:

For over two decades, DRA has executed its value-added investment approach over multiple market cycles. DRA has focused investments with attractive cash flow while diversifying portfolios by property type and location in the U.S.

Capital markets expertise:

Through its experience acquiring real estate over the past two decades, DRA has developed a proprietary capital markets team that is equipped to structure all forms of secured and unsecured financing and preferred equity, and has the ability to complete complex corporate transactions. We have built extensive and deep relationships with key lenders, including commercial banks, Wall Street sponsored organizations, and insurance companies, enabling us to obtain low cost financing with flexibility to facilitate the execution of our business plans.